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The live-video marketplace that has taken the shopping experience to a whole new level!

We turned the innovative founder's vision into a fast-growing product, which combines live video streaming across web and mobile, with a unique, live, one-button shopping experience. This real-time e-commerce app really showcases our product- and engineering capabilities. 



Finally you can walk into halftime with a plan, with data to back up your feedback. 

With StatNation, you can record, track, and analyze even the most exciting games. Jump through game-time videos with ease, and share the most exciting clips with fans and recruiters. This app showcases our skill in video analysis, and turning data into actionable insights. 



Say Goodbye to Confusing HOA Management

MaxHOA is a mobile & web app, that helps homeowners and board members communicate seamlessly to get things done in their community. This app highlights our experience helping communities solve real-life problems.