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We are always looking for developers to join our team


Krijn van der Raadt, Co-Founder & CEO

"I've always loved building products, technology, and teams. Over the past decade, while I was helping a startup grow into a $300M / year revenue business, I discovered that my true passions are mentoring smart people, and helping turn a founder's vision into reality. When I joined that company, GreatCall, as a Software Engineer in 2007, the company was still in its infancy. By the time I left, following the company’s successful exit in 2017, I was leading a team of 100 technology- and product people. My experience leading this fast growing team, and launching several new products, were an invaluable education.

At everydev, I'm able to focus on my passions for mentoring, and getting new products off the ground, every single day. Being able to do that, gives me an amazing sense of fulfillment. My hope is that every developer can turn their passion into a great career, and that everydev can be a part of helping them get there."


Etienne de Bruin, Founder

"I was fortunate enough to have a solid exit from Monk Development in 2015, a company that I helped found with James Martin and Drew Goodmanson. As CTO, I built the technology, the infrastructure and the team from scratch. The technology would later be named Ekklesia 360 that, at the time of my exit, serviced 10,000+ organizations with a website and content marketing strategy.

I am a lover of People and Programming. I relish the opportunity to create products that make people happy especially when I can get involved at an early stage. I enjoy rapidly prototyping ideas in order to help shape and mature products. I love leading teams of all shapes and sizes."


Ryan MCQuilkin, Software Developer



Michael Fossel, Software Developer



LEEANN HO, Software Developer



Salvatore MCCArty, Software Developer