Build on our experience to hit your next milestone fast


How we work:


1. Building an MVP

Your first product, or MVP (Minimum Viable Product), should be tool to test if your idea can be a viable business.

Whether your next goal is getting funding, or user sign-ups, you need a real live product to get there.

From initial development, through beta testing, your product improves and grows. At the end of the process, it’ll look very different from how you first imagined it. This is a good thing. The iterative process of design - build - test, used over and over in quick cycles, is a proven strategy to increase your chance of success. It works best with a combination of great intuition, and a solid methodical approach; skills our CTOs have been fine-tuning in practice for a long time.


2. Iterating your product

Once your product gets good traction, it’s time to focus on accelerating growth. We double down on what’s working, and get rid of what’s not. We use the MVP, and a variety of tools, to increase your user base, while we get everything ready to handle the increase in load.

We iterate quickly to keep up with your product's success.

We use the tools, architecture, and stack, that are very well suited for the flexibility you need early on, while at the same giving you good performance and scalability as your business grows.


3. Graduating from everydev

We hope that all startups we work with, become so successful, that they outgrow everydev.

If we succeed in our mission, you will get the funding you need, to go find a solid CTO, and let her / him build your dream team. You might even be so awesome, that you don’t need any outside funding, and your product’s revenue can support a growing company, and everything that comes with it. Either way, we are so committed to your success, that we’ll even help you find the perfect person to hand things off to. And if you want to bring some of the developers, who have been working on your product, along - and they feel like joining your awesome new company - we’re cool with that too.

In the end, that’s what matter to us most: helping you be successful.